Becky and Robert McGuinn kindly took in a special needs woman, to help teach her how to take care of her young son. March 7, 1988 Wanda Reed vanished out the back door with the McGuinn's 7 month old daughter Melissa. 8 minutes later Wanda returned alone. Melissa was never seen again.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

False hope from Germany

In early 2012, Melissa's mother, Becky, was taunted by the lingering reminder, it had been nearly 24 years without any sign of baby Melissa's fate. She still carried Melissa's baby clothes, photos, and newspapers, where ever her job forced her to move across the United States. She would still think of Melissa and wonder, "Where is she now?"

Then the day came, when the phone rang. It was an unexpected call from Becky's son's high school. Becky was surprised to hear from the school counselor, because her son had graduated nearly a year before.
The school counselor's words would come like a punch in the gut to Becky. "A woman has contacted me." The counselor said, "It's about your daughter. She's asking how to get into contact with you. She says there has been a DNA test done, and she is Melissa."
This news would send all of the McGuinn family and friends into a whirlwind of emotions.

Could it really be her? Is she really alive? Is this 24 years agony really finally over? What's next if it is her?

The woman said that she had been raised by a couple in Germany, who had lived in Trenton at the time of Melissa's disappearance. She said the had been raised believing the couple was her biological family, but grew suspicious when she found a box with a dark pink hooded sweater, white flowered quilted overalls and pink socks. This was the same outfit Melissa was last seen wearing. 
The woman claimed she had a DNA test secretly done, and the German police contacted her, and told her that her parents were not biological, and that they had found a match from a missing child in the United States.
The woman said she looked up Melissa on the national missing children's list, and that she found the same birth mark on her arm as Melissa. 
Becky asked the woman to submit her DNA to the lead detective in New Jersey, to confirm if she was really Melissa or not. The woman said she had already contacted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and that she had sent her DNA sample to them.
In the next few weeks, every one was on pins and needles, anitcipating the DNA results, for whether or not this woman really was Melissa. 
Everyone who loved Melissa, added this woman to their facebook friends, and had friendly conversation with her.
Then Melissa's brother confronted her, "You had better not hurt my mom, admit it now if you are not Melissa!"
The woman would respond with hostility  and begin to berate Becky for "selling her baby to druggies." The woman then shared that she had confronted the people who raised her, and they claimed they bought Melissa from Becky, and they paid Becky with drugs. They said Wanda had nothing to do with it, and that they had just had Wanda cover for them. Melissa's brother was very upset by this.
After this heated conversation, every one grew suspicious of the woman. NCMEC was contacted, asking if the DNA tests were done yet. They said they had heard from the woman, but never recieved a DNA sample.
The woman then told Becky, she wanted to come to the United States to meet her, and then she could provide the DNA sample.
The lead investigator was contacted, and everyone's high hopes were crushed in a short time.  
 A close family friend, Cindy, caught wind of the word that the German girl was planning a trip to New Jersey.
Through some great investigative skills of her own, Cindy found the so-called German Melissa, and found out she was really a scam artist in the Netherlands. 
  Cindy contacted the Netherlands police, and told them the woman was planning to come to the United States, and that she believed the woman was scamming the missing child's family.
Netherlands authorities stopped the woman in the airport while attempting to board a USA bound plane.
She was taken into police custody to be questioned. Her DNA was taken, and sent to the investigator in New Jersey. A short while later, the results came back negative.
"When we got the results, I told myself I had been dealing with this for 25years, I could deal with it if it wasn't her. But then when I heard negative...I couldn't deal with it. I fell apart." -Becky
Netherlands police discovered the woman had been trying to use the McGuinns, to get into the United States,  where she then planned to disappear, and live the life of an illegal immigrant.
Netherlands authorities determined the woman was having a psychotic episode, that no DNA test had ever been done for her parents, and that she never really thought she may be Melissa.

The clothing in a box, and the birthmark on her arm, and her family being in New Jersey, were all lies. It was all a cruel scam!
Afterwards, the woman was involuntarily committed to a asylum, and the McGuinns are still left wondering, what happened to baby Melissa?



  1. Im not sure what is going on here... I am Melissa's aunt and I have never heard about what y'all t talking about...... Yes she is missing . Yes we miss her. Yes we want her home...

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  2. I was also contacted by this person and was heart broken to learn it was a scam we all want to know what happened to melissa!! And want her home