Becky and Robert McGuinn kindly took in a special needs woman, to help teach her how to take care of her young son. March 7, 1988 Wanda Reed vanished out the back door with the McGuinn's 7 month old daughter Melissa. 8 minutes later Wanda returned alone. Melissa was never seen again.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Wanda's Escape

While Wanda was in waiting, to determine if she was competent to stand trial, she was placed in an institution, from which she escaped and was missing for five hours. Authorities believed she was trying to go to Louisiana in pursuit of her husband. But could she have possibly visited the place she left Melissa?

It's just one more of many unanswered questions in the mystery of Melissa McGuinn

Here is the news article on the escape:

Common-law husband Robert Ashley
Accused baby kidnapper Wanda F Reed  apparently tried to escape from Vineland Developmental Center last weekend, after learning that her common-law husband was leaving New Jersey.

Still attempting to gather details of Reed's escape Saturday night, Assistant Prosecutor Randolph D Norris said the mentally disabled woman had received a phone call from her common-law husband Robert Ashley, who informed her he was leaving for their home state of Louisiana.

"We believe she was dispondent, with no one being around here, and she left with the idea of making her way back to Louisiana." Norris said.

The assistant prosecutor said she did not know how long Reed knew of Ashley's plans before deciding to flee.

Reed is suspected of kidnapping seven month old Melissa McGuinn, who has been missing since March 6 and is believed to have been tossed into the Delaware River.

The woman who has been housed at the developmental center since April, escaped from the facility Saturday night, after pushing a 57 year old supervisor to the ground while the two were walking to a convenience store.

Reed was found five hours later wandering around a fast food restaurant near the Cumberland mall.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Similarities between Levon Wameling and Melissa McGuinn

If you turned on the national news any time recently, you've probably heard something about the missing baby boy Levon Wameling. There has been a public outrage that he was not reported missing for two weeks, after his father claimed he was kidnapped off the front porch.
But what caught my attention, was how his father was clearly walking around in an altered universe due to his drug use. In other words, he was not competent to account for what happened to the child. Some one may have caught on to this, and see him as a target, as he was easily manipulated.

This reminded me of baby Melissa McGuinn. Wanda Reed was gone for only 8 minutes, but when she returned there was no trace of her roommate's baby, and there has been no trace of her for 25 years now. Wanda was deemed to have the mind of a toddler, easily preyed upon and easily manipulated.

It struck a chord with me. Levon and Melissa are both what you could call, "high price" babies. Beautiful blue eyed smiley blondes, still too young to know who their parents are, both were with people not competent enough to care for a child.

They live only about 300 miles apart from each other, and close to the same age; 9 months and 7 months old.

Am I suggesting the two were taken by the same people? No. But little Levon today, and Melissa many years ago, open my mind to the idea that you would think only happens in movies. What if there really is an underground market for babies? What if Caucasian, blonde babies are the most valuable? What if, now and then babies are abducted and taken to these underground markets? Maybe there are people out there today, and 25 years ago, that look for incompetent individuals to profit off the children in their care?

Maybe then, Levon and or Melissa are still alive. If these markets do exist, then maybe there is hope they will one day come home.

If you have information about Baby Levon or Melissa, please come forward and shed light to the truth.

Monday, June 24, 2013

S.O.S Need help!

It started 6 months ago when I sent a facebook message to a family friend of Melissa's. I asked Mr. Larry how I could help try and spread awareness about Melissa.

In the following days I ended up on the phone with multiple friends and family of Melissa.
I talked to her mom Becky, who was now living in a far away state. She said that online awareness would be helpful.

Thus this blog and facebook page were made. It is mostly just me working on my laptop in Tulsa, Oklahoma....1,000 miles from New Jersey.

I feel it is important to have some one in New Jersey, even nicer if they were near Trenton, who could help with awareness efforts.

I am hoping this message reaches some one,who would join the admin team on facebook, and also be able to do stuff on the ground in New Jersey. Maybe now is the time some one will come forward with the truth if they find out we are still searching for Melissa.

Please contact us if you can help. If you cannot, then please share this post. Even if you do not know anyone near New Jersey, please still share this post so that some one who knows some one might get us connected.

We really need local support!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Baby Adoption Ring Sale??

1-month-old Andre was last seen on March 29, 1989 in Brooklyn, New York with his mother, Monique Rivera. A day earlier, she was taking Andre and her two older sons for a walk when she encountered two African-American women driving a 1988 or 1989 burgundy Pontiac Gran Am Sports Edition car with tinted windows and possible Maryland license plates.

One of the women was approximately 30 years old in 1989 and the other woman was approximately 22 years old with red hair & both were 5"7 and 130 lbs. The women engaged Monique in conversation about her kids and convinced her to go shopping with them. They bought Monique some clothes and took her home. Monique told her boyfriend's sister, Patricia Bryant that the women used a fraudulent credit card to make their purchases and she planned to go shopping with them again. Patricia agreed to babysit the kids while Monique went shopping.

The next day, Patricia went to Monique's apartment to babysit. The two women didn't pick up Monique outside of her apartment, but called her home from a payphone across the corner, asking her to come out and meet them. They insisted that Monique bring Andre with them, so Monique took Andre with her and left her other sons with Patricia.
On March 30, 1989, Monique's body was discovered in the woods near City Island Road in the Bronx borough of New York City. She had been struck on the head & strangled, and there was no sign of Andre nor the two women or their car. Andre has never been found and the two women who accompanied Monique on the shopping trip were never identified.

Authorities believe that Andre might've been sold into an adoption ring. At the time of his disappearance, they thought Andre's presumed abduction might be connected to the disappearances of 1-year-old Shane Walker and 2-year-old Christopher Dansby since they are all of African-American descent and both disappeared from the same Harlem park three months apart in 1989. Andre's disappearance is still unsolved.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Tale of two toddlers likely sold

It's been a while since we've updated this blog. I recently read an intriguing story, which sparked an idea to feature other stories of missing children who may have been sold. Here is a story I have copied from CNN.

Shane Walker at age of abduction
When Rosa Glover brought her 19-month-old son to a New York City playground in 1989, she had no idea tragedy was about to strike a second time in the same place.
In May 1989, 2-year-old Christopher Dansby disappeared from his grandmother's sight on that playground.
Not quite three months later, on a hot August day, Glover's son, Shane Walker, vanished.
As an intense search for both children generated media and public interest across the city, the New York Police Department pointed out other eerie similarities in the cases:
The boys were playing in the same area of the park when they disappeared -- Walker at 5 p.m. on a Thursday, Dansby at 7 p.m. on a Thursday.
Moments before they went missing, the boys were playing with the same children -- a 10-year-old girl and her 5-year-old brother, according to news reports.
In addition, Walker and Dansby lived in the same apartment building in a nearby housing project in Manhattan's Harlem neighborhood.
Shane Walker age progression
"That's a hell of a coincidence,'' says Ron Jones, a senior case manager with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, a nationwide clearinghouse and advocacy group.
Jones, assigned to the Walker and Dansby cases from the start, says leads still come into his office fairly often and he relays them to the New York City police.
"People who think they might have seen Shane call us up with a tip,'' he says. "They might be going with the age-enhanced photo.''
According to his mother, Shane was sitting on a bench with her and eating potato chips when the children approached and asked if he could play.
"So I said, 'He's young.' And they said, 'We don't mind,' '' Glover recalls.
While the three children played near the slide, Glover says, a man sat near her and started talking about crime, about how things happen to children. He even mentioned kidnapping. He showed Glover scars he said he had gotten in fights.
"I turned my head to look at all the scars on his body," she says. "When I turned back, I didn't see my son.''
The children Shane was playing with were not around, either. "I started walking around the park, hollering and screaming.''
The next thing Glover remembers is seeing the same two children re-enter the park through a hole in a wire fence.
"I said, 'Where's my son?' " The boy and girl said they left him in the park. Glover took the children to the police station. They were let go after extensive questioning.

Christopher Dansby
Police searched and questioned Glover and her relatives. "They thought maybe a family member took him out of the park,'' Glover said, adding that police also interviewed the man with the scars and released him.
Abduction by a stranger is rare, says Sarah White, a case manager with the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, a state-run law enforcement support agency.
By far, most missing people cases are non-custodial parental kidnappings and runaways, White says.
Like Shane Walker, Christopher Dansby has never been found.
The Walker case is still active, according to Detective Cheryl Crispin, a New York Police Department spokesperson. The NYPD declined repeated requests for an interview or more details.
One lead in the days after Shane's disappearance was especially unnerving. Glover says she received a phone call saying her son was buried in an abandoned building. Police investigated and found nothing. To this day, Glover, 57, believes Shane, her only child, is alive. He would be 21.
"I just hope and pray that one day I see him,'' she says, speculating that by now he might have kids of his own.
"I would give him a hug and kiss and we'd go somewhere -- to Florida, anywhere -- just to get away, just to be with him.''
Glover and Shane's father still live in the neighborhood but left the apartment building years ago. Glover avoids walking past the playground.
"Every time I come in the area I start crying and feel depressed,'' she says. Police initially speculated, she says, that Shane might have been kidnapped and sold on the black market.
Some years ago, Glover appeared on "The Montel Williams Show," where a psychic told her Shane was being raised by a wealthy family. Glover brought a photograph of Shane and some of his toys to the show so the psychic could touch them. She said he ''was well taken care of and he was learning the piano,'' Glover recalls.
Though her time with him was short, Glover is comforted by memories of her young son. "He smiled all the time. He only laughed when tickled. ''He liked teddy bears and monkeys."
For a short time, Shane and his parents had a pet chimpanzee named James. The toddler enjoyed sticking bananas in the cage for James to eat.
Glover also recalls a trip they took to Disney World in Florida shortly before Shane went missing. He loved the rides, she says, but was afraid of Mickey Mouse. "He would just holler and scream. I had to carry him all around the park.''
Shane's recollections of her might be dim because he was so young when he disappeared, she says. Still, when she became ill a few years ago, Glover felt driven to hang on.
"I was praying that I survive so I could see him when they find him.''
If you have any tips about this case, please call 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

Monday, January 21, 2013

Larry's story

Larry in 2012. Now a firefighter in Texas
I met Robert in 1982. I was 18 he was like, 22. Becky was 16. We became best friends. Robert and Becky were like a brother and sister to me.
A while after I met them, Becky got pregnant with Melissa. Right about that time, a guy talked to Robert about making some really good money at a construction job in New Jersey.
Becky lived with me and my dad for about 6 months in Texas, while Robert went to work in New Jersey.
Robert came back to Texas near the end of Becky's pregnancy, and he had found a house he wanted Melissa to grow up in once she was born. Just before Melissa's birth, Robert, Becky, and I moved up to the house in Lamberton, NJ. The woman, Wanda, and her husband were sharing the house too.
Wanda was a very different person. She always walked around with a unusually big smile on her face, and when she was upset she wouldn't say anything, her face would just get all red and she would puff out her cheeks. She was lots of times hard to understand when she spoke. I knew something was very wrong with her, and did not understand why her husband would be in a sexual relationship with her, when Wanda was clearly not mature enough to consent.
Her husband was a mean man. He would berate her, call her stupid, order her around like he was speaking to a dog. One time I told him he needed to shut his mouth, and treat his wife like a lady. He turned on me and started saying horrible things about my mother, who had died a few years before. We got into a very heated argument, because no one is allowed to insult my mother.
Wanda had been married twice, and I didn't find out until after Melissa was taken, that she had two other children with her first husband.
 Wanda's husband at the time was named Robert, and her ex-husband was named Robert too. We had two Roberts living in the home. Wanda's husband Robert, and Becky's husband Robert.
Robert, me, and Robert all worked during the day at the construction job, and Becky stayed with Melissa, and helped Wanda take care of her son.

The night before Melissa was taken, we all went to a friends house down the street. There was a lot of laughing, talking, and playing cards. Becky brought a big puzzle that we all spent most of the evening putting together.
There were several small children there, and they spent the evening playing together, including Melissa. Wanda's son was still so young, that the other children did not take interest in him.

Somewhere during the night I noticed Wanda making the red and puffed face that she did when she was angry. She mumbled something in an angry tone at the children several times, while pointing to her baby, we kind of thing she was trying to tell them to play with him too. What ever it was, she was clearly very upset about it.
Near the end of the night, Wanda stomped out of the house, very mad.

The next morning I had slept in. Both of the Roberts had left to try to work. I woke to someone at the door. Before I had time to get to my feet, my ears blared at the sound of Becky screaming at the top of her lungs. She was hysterical.
The neighbor, Linda, and Linda's husband stood by Wanda at the door, with deep concern on their faces. Wanda said she had been walking with Melissa, and Melissa had been taken.
I immediately hopped in my truck, and raced down to the construction where I found both Roberts. I told Melissa's father something had happened to her. He looked horrified as he leaped into the truck, and we raced back to the house.

By the time we got to the house, police were swarming all around.

As soon as I got there, I was grabbed by the officers and interrogated for a very long period of the day, and accused of doing something to Melissa. They wanted an easy explanation, but there was none to be given. They put all there effort into getting me or Becky to confess to something, because we were the only three home with the children, they figured we must have known something. We had no idea where Melissa was.

Wanda had always taken Melissa out on walks. It was a regular thing. She was supposed to ask to take the babies out, and she always asked permission, always. Taking one of the kids for walks was part of Becky helping her to learn to take care of a child. This day she did not ask. She was out the door without a sound. It was normal for her to take Melissa, but not normal for her to go without asking. But before anyone had time to be worried, she had returned, after telling the neighbors Melissa had been kidnapped.

The police had concluded for years that Wanda threw Melissa into the river. But I believe there is no way she got to the river and back in the time she was gone. The walk one way to the river was at least 10 minutes.

There was nothing that made sense to me, until in 2012 the cold case detective asked me if I remembered the circumstances under which Wanda received the letter from her ex husband. This was the first I had ever heard about a letter.
The detective told me that in the initial search, officers found a letter in Wanda's possession, to Wanda, from her first husband, asking her to sell him her infant son for drugs. Apparently the letter mentioned how high demand babies under the age of 1 are on the black market.

I had just heard of a woman in the New Jersey/New York area who had been arrested for stealing babies and selling them. They said her crimes went back to the 80's.

After finding out about the letter, I am left to believe Melissa was sold instead of the baby boy.
Maybe the arrangement for the sale of a baby had already been planned? I do not  believe Wanda had the intelligence to plan an abduction of the baby. But maybe something had already been in the works, and after her frustration the night before, she decided to use Melissa instead of the boy?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

False hope from Germany

In early 2012, Melissa's mother, Becky, was taunted by the lingering reminder, it had been nearly 24 years without any sign of baby Melissa's fate. She still carried Melissa's baby clothes, photos, and newspapers, where ever her job forced her to move across the United States. She would still think of Melissa and wonder, "Where is she now?"

Then the day came, when the phone rang. It was an unexpected call from Becky's son's high school. Becky was surprised to hear from the school counselor, because her son had graduated nearly a year before.
The school counselor's words would come like a punch in the gut to Becky. "A woman has contacted me." The counselor said, "It's about your daughter. She's asking how to get into contact with you. She says there has been a DNA test done, and she is Melissa."
This news would send all of the McGuinn family and friends into a whirlwind of emotions.

Could it really be her? Is she really alive? Is this 24 years agony really finally over? What's next if it is her?

The woman said that she had been raised by a couple in Germany, who had lived in Trenton at the time of Melissa's disappearance. She said the had been raised believing the couple was her biological family, but grew suspicious when she found a box with a dark pink hooded sweater, white flowered quilted overalls and pink socks. This was the same outfit Melissa was last seen wearing. 
The woman claimed she had a DNA test secretly done, and the German police contacted her, and told her that her parents were not biological, and that they had found a match from a missing child in the United States.
The woman said she looked up Melissa on the national missing children's list, and that she found the same birth mark on her arm as Melissa. 
Becky asked the woman to submit her DNA to the lead detective in New Jersey, to confirm if she was really Melissa or not. The woman said she had already contacted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and that she had sent her DNA sample to them.
In the next few weeks, every one was on pins and needles, anitcipating the DNA results, for whether or not this woman really was Melissa. 
Everyone who loved Melissa, added this woman to their facebook friends, and had friendly conversation with her.
Then Melissa's brother confronted her, "You had better not hurt my mom, admit it now if you are not Melissa!"
The woman would respond with hostility  and begin to berate Becky for "selling her baby to druggies." The woman then shared that she had confronted the people who raised her, and they claimed they bought Melissa from Becky, and they paid Becky with drugs. They said Wanda had nothing to do with it, and that they had just had Wanda cover for them. Melissa's brother was very upset by this.
After this heated conversation, every one grew suspicious of the woman. NCMEC was contacted, asking if the DNA tests were done yet. They said they had heard from the woman, but never recieved a DNA sample.
The woman then told Becky, she wanted to come to the United States to meet her, and then she could provide the DNA sample.
The lead investigator was contacted, and everyone's high hopes were crushed in a short time.  
 A close family friend, Cindy, caught wind of the word that the German girl was planning a trip to New Jersey.
Through some great investigative skills of her own, Cindy found the so-called German Melissa, and found out she was really a scam artist in the Netherlands. 
  Cindy contacted the Netherlands police, and told them the woman was planning to come to the United States, and that she believed the woman was scamming the missing child's family.
Netherlands authorities stopped the woman in the airport while attempting to board a USA bound plane.
She was taken into police custody to be questioned. Her DNA was taken, and sent to the investigator in New Jersey. A short while later, the results came back negative.
"When we got the results, I told myself I had been dealing with this for 25years, I could deal with it if it wasn't her. But then when I heard negative...I couldn't deal with it. I fell apart." -Becky
Netherlands police discovered the woman had been trying to use the McGuinns, to get into the United States,  where she then planned to disappear, and live the life of an illegal immigrant.
Netherlands authorities determined the woman was having a psychotic episode, that no DNA test had ever been done for her parents, and that she never really thought she may be Melissa.

The clothing in a box, and the birthmark on her arm, and her family being in New Jersey, were all lies. It was all a cruel scam!
Afterwards, the woman was involuntarily committed to a asylum, and the McGuinns are still left wondering, what happened to baby Melissa?


Saturday, January 19, 2013

The moon shines on the missing

I went out walking under the stars tonight, and I thought about Melissa, and all the other missing children of the world.
I wonder where you are. I wonder what you are doing. Are you cold, are you hungry, are you scared? Or, are you warm, are you well fed, and are you happy? But most of all I wonder, are you alive?
The moon is a symbol of hope to me. I can look up at it, and know that you can see it too. The sun and the moon are the two things all mankind share.
But the moon is escpecially touching. The moon is the light in a dark place. Just as the hope of finding you, is the light in dark circumstances.
Where ever you are in this world, we can look up at the moon, and know that those we love, those we miss, can see it too.
I hope some day you will all be found, Melissa McGuinn, Kyron Horman, Isabel Celis, Katherine Phillips, Ayla Reynolds. Until the day we have our answer to your fate, I will look up at the moon, and pray for you. Where ever you are in the world, I know you can see that bright light in the night, and I believe that light, will one day lead you home.

Friday, January 18, 2013

A request for your story

Were you in the Trenton, New Jersey area 1987-1989? We'd like to hear from you. Were you somewhere else, but remember Melissa's story? We'd like to hear from you. Did you have the joy of knowing Melissa? We'd like to hear from you. Did you know Robert or Becky McGuinn? We'd like to hear from you. Do you know/knew Robert Ashley or Wanda Reed? We'd like to hear from you.

We have set up this blog, to help the public know the details of Melissa and her disappearance. The more we can share, the more chances of finding people who have valuable information.
We'd like to share your memories regarding the case.
Nearly 25 years have passed, a lot has been forgotten, but you also may know more now than you did then.
We'd like to share on this blog, where in the world you were, when Melissa Diane McGuinn disappeared.

Please comment here, or contact us on our Facebook page,

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A summary of the story of Melissa McGuinn

In early 1987 Robert Mcguinn moved with his pregnant wife Becky, and his co-worker Robert Ashley and co-worker's partner Wanda Reed, to 637 Lamberton St, Trenton, New Jersey. The two men had found work, and the company moved them into a complex together with their families.

 August 3, 1987 baby Melissa Diane McGuinn was born. 5 months later, Wanda gave birth to a son.

The McGuinn's could tell Wanda was behind developmentally, and thought she had some sort of learning disability. Becky was happy to help teach Wanda how to be a first time mother.

March 5, 1988 Baby Melissa was now 7 months old. She was crawling, and pulling herself up to try and walk on her own. Melissa was a very smart little girl, who was already speaking several words. "Up" "Down" "Hi" "Mum" "Da(dad)" "Ya(yes)"
Wanda's baby boy was now 2 months old, and seemed to be doing well with Becky's coaching on how to raise the boy.
Melissa's home
The night of March 5, the Melissa and Wanda and both of their families went to a party just down the street from their house. At the party there was another young boy, just a couple years older than Melissa. He liked playing with Melissa, and trying to teach her how to walk.
This little boy found Wanda's sleeping 2 month old baby understandably boring. Wanda was offended that this little boy did not find her son as fun as Melissa.

March 6, 1988 The McGuinn's friend Larry had laid a sleeping bag on their floor the night before. Becky discovered in the morning that the sleeping bag made it nearly impossible to open the front door.
Becky went about getting ready for the day, when Wanda asked to take Melissa and her own son down to the day room. It was a daily routine and Becky permitted it.

Becky was getting ready for the day when she heard a struggle down stairs. It was her neighbors and Wanda struggling to get the front door open because the sleeping bag was in the way.

Becky saw Wanda standing there with a neighbor....without Melissa.

Side street where Wanda was seen walking with Melissa
Several neighbors had seen Wanda with Melissa, but by the time this neighbor met with her, Wanda was alone. "Where's Melissa?!" The neighbor asked in panic. "She was with Wanda." Becky replied. Wanda swatted her hand and scoffed, "Huh uh, that baby gone."
What Wanda answered would turn Robert and Becky's happy world upside down.

"A black man pushed me down and grabbed her, then ran away."
Word would spread quickly, that the little blue eyed blonde 7 month old had been kidnapped. But the McGuinn's heart ache would only worsen when Wanda was taken in for questioning. Her story kept changing.
"I sold her for drug money to a black man in a red car." "I was mad that people liked Melissa more at the party,  so I threw her into the Delaware River." "She was in my lap sitting by a creek. She leaned over and fell in and drowned." "I traded her for drugs to the neighbor lady."
Each story was investigated, and none of them seemed to pan out. No one saw a red car, the walk to the river and creek took much longer than the time Wanda was gone, and the neighbor lady was questioned several times and police could find no blame on her. The only thing that seems possible, is either that Melissa was stashed away somewhere in the neighborhood, or Wanda had a planned meeting with someone who quickly got away with the baby.
Wanda Reed was arrested and charged with kidnapping. Every time she was asked what happened to Melissa, her story changed. Psychologists were brought in, and it was then Robert and Becky found out just how wrong they were about the woman who lived with them.

Composite of Melissa at age 16
It was determined Wanda was at the mental level of a 4 to 5 year old. She would say what ever she thought made the investigators happy. Also, Wanda's infant son was NOT her first child. Wanda had two children in the past. One was taken from her custody after the child was scalded with hot water. The other was taken after Wanda threw the child against a window, which broke the glass and cut the child.
Psychics would call with different visions of where Melissa was, and even those tips were investigated, but still, there was no sign of where on earth baby Melissa McGuinn was.

7 grueling weeks passed, with no clue where Melissa had gone. Becky sank into such a deep depression, that she became suicidal and had to be hospitalized. During her hospital stay, she found out that she had been pregnant since shortly before Melissa's kidnapping.
Becky would go the entire pregnancy with no sign of the whereabouts of her baby girl. Becky would give birth to a son, still not knowing where her daughter was. Becky's son would graduate high school, never knowing his older sister.

Because of the psychologists diagnosis of Wanda, she was deemed unfit to stand trial. Shortly after, all charges were dropped, and Wanda became a free woman. Her infant son was adopted by a family in Texas, and she and her husband broke up, and Wanda moved out of state...a free woman.

In 2008, Robert McGuinn would go to his grave, never seeing his daughter again. He never stopped missing her.

In 2012 a woman in the Netherlands contacted Melissa's mom saying she was their daughter. She shared detailed information about the case and even described the outfit Melissa was wearing and claimed she still had the outfit. Mom, Becky, had a DNA test done. Results came back negative.
"When we got the results, I told myself I had been dealing with this for 25years, I could deal with it if it wasn't her. But then when I heard negative...I couldn't deal with it. I fell apart."

After the experience with the Netherlands woman, the Cold Cases unit took over the investigation. They took new DNA samples from Melissa's family, and made a composite sketch of what Melissa may look like at 25, from Becky, and from Robert's daughter from another marriage.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First post

This is a new start at the search for Melissa...taking Melissa cyber. Melissa's story has many twists and turns that have left us always wondering, "what happened to Melissa?!" This blog will be used to try to share what we know, in hopes of producing new information from the public. Please follow along as we slowly share all the details. But for now, making a LONG story short:
 Becky and Robert McGuinn kindly took in a special needs woman, to help teach her how to take care of her young son. March 7, 1988 Wanda Reed vanished out the back door with the McGuinn's 7 month old daughter Melissa.
8 minutes later Wanda returned alone. Melissa was never seen again.